Approaching Practice Time

Approaching practice time is as much a psychological commitment as it is a time commitment for both parents and children. In order to strengthen the psychological aspect of the commitment, students must have success or they must at least perceive success. To this effect, approach music (or anything requiring consistency to master) from its […]

More on Lists

I’ve written about creating lists for your child as he or she progresses from the early stages of learning guitar into a practice routine at home. When my five year old son’s guitar time routine progressed from experimentation to active directed learning, I started keeping track of the activities, songs (or snippets of songs), […]

For Advancing Students

Most of my blog entries focus on helping parents help their young children. And I tend to write on topics that are most useful for developing good playing habits at home. However, I am going to spend sometime focusing on advancing students – students who may be working more independently or who have […]

Playing Simple Melodies Well

Connecting notes successfully in a melody means the difference between sounding like a typewriter and a singer with a beautiful voice. I often use the phrase “passing off the pinch” to help describe the principle of correct left hand movement occurring between the notes of a melody. The basic principle is simply to ensure […]

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If you click on the string you would like to tune, your computer should download a sound file. Try to match the pitch of the string to the pitch of the sound file.

STRING 1 – E (highest in pitch and thinnest in gauge)




STRING 5 – […]

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