More on Lists

I’ve written about creating lists for your child as he or she progresses from the early stages of learning guitar into a practice routine at home. When my five year old son’s guitar time routine progressed from experimentation to active directed learning, I started keeping track of the activities, songs (or snippets of songs), […]

For Advancing Students

Most of my blog entries focus on helping parents help their young children. And I tend to write on topics that are most useful for developing good playing habits at home. However, I am going to spend sometime focusing on advancing students – students who may be working more independently or who have […]

Playing Simple Melodies Well

Connecting notes successfully in a melody means the difference between sounding like a typewriter and a singer with a beautiful voice. I often use the phrase “passing off the pinch” to help describe the principle of correct left hand movement occurring between the notes of a melody. The basic principle is simply to ensure […]

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If you click on the string you would like to tune, your computer should download a sound file. Try to match the pitch of the string to the pitch of the sound file.

STRING 1 – E (highest in pitch and thinnest in gauge)




STRING 5 – […]

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