KinderGuitar’s Little Froggie Songbook

KinderGuitar’s Little Froggie Songbook is an age-appropriate and pedagogically sound method for young children to start active play on the guitar. Our beautifully illustrated songbook provides the following:

•    A wealth of multicultural music for singing and playing to and with your little ones

•    The tools for developing a sophisticated sense of pulse and rhythm

•    Froggie’s Footprints: note-specific hints and suggestions for each song

•    KinderGuitar’s proprietary code: an easy way for parents unfamiliar with standard notation (also included) to help their children

•    Advice specifically for parents about using Little Froggie, selecting an appropriate guitar, tuning, daily guitar activities, and more

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KinderGuitar’s Little Froggie Educator Supplement

Our Educator’s Guide provides a second part to each of the songs in Little Froggie Songbook for playing along in classes and at home. The accompaniment matches the accompaniment from the downloadable Froggie Play-Along.



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Little Froggie Play-Along

Have your children listen and play along to the music they’re learning with Little Froggie Play-Along. Our Little Froggie Play-Along provides five tracks for each song, offering a variety of fun options for playing along while developing a sense of pulse: the melody, the melody with metronome (m), the melody with metronome at a slower tempo (ms), the accompaniment with metronome (a), and the accompaniment with metronome at a slower tempo (as).

Tracks available online here!