Benefits of KinderGuitar Licensing and Certification

[Curriculum Overview Teachers’ Edition here as PDF]

High Hourly Wage

Because our curriculum is designed for very small groups, KinderGuitar teachers earn a very high hourly wage while the classes remain affordable for parents.

Flexible Schedule

You determine your own teaching schedule, allowing you the flexibility to supplement your current activities if you are a busy performer or are already teaching.

Developmentally Sound and Well-Tested Curriculum

KinderGuitar provides you with an extensive, age-appropriate, and diverse curriculum to start children ages 5-10 on the guitar. Through a carefully developed and varied set of songs, activities, and goals, students have fun and progress quickly while developing the necessary musical and technical skills to play guitar.

Training, Credentials, and Material for Teaching Children

Comprehensive training will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to successfully teach young children guitar and to structure an efficient teaching studio. Our respected credentials will help you establish yourself as a teacher of young children.

Marketing Support

Licensed teachers are granted use of the KinderGuitar brand to advertise their studios using low-cost, customizable marketing material. KinderGuitar will help establish your studio presence through advertising, student referral, and direct support. Your name and information will also be listed on the KinderGuitar Certified Teacher roster on our website.

KinderGuitar Website

New material is posted on the KinderGuitar website periodically for class enrichment, and is only available to certified teachers. Our website also provides access to a KinderGuitar teachers’ support forum, links to our teachers’ professional websites for interested parents, and downloadable forms and templates available for both business management and classroom use, including newsletters, concert programs, lesson plans, and copy for classifieds.


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