KinderGuitar teacher biographies can be seen in the ‘Our Teachers’ area.

“It has been a year since I was licensed and certified in the KinderGuitar program to teach, use the business model, and to see what an amazing difference this program can make in the lives of my students, and in my own development. There is a consistent joy that is pervasive in this program.

I have added students who were discouraged with other “school of music” or “prep programs.” KinderGuitar is distinct in pedagogy, curriculum, and business model. I have had many competing teachers and graduate students review my website and program; they know it can be a very good way to earn a living over time. They also are amazed when their 5-10 year olds are still struggling and ours are playing, and excited to play.”

— Rodney Burr, Certified and Licensed KinderGuitar Teacher

“I have taught the KinderGuitar method for roughly two years now, and I can say in no uncertain terms that it is the clearest, “funnest,” and most effective guitar method that I have encountered. The “secret” to KinderGuitar is that it breaks guitar technique into to its most basic components without talking down to or boring the student. Unlike many institutionalized method books, KinderGuitar does not assume that the student has a preexisting grasp of music theory, the ability to play complex melodies or harmony instantly, or even a very specific interest in a particular genre of music–and yet, the method can move as fast as the student can learn, growing in depth and difficulty as the situation demands. I’ve employed the KinderGuitar curriculum to teach five year olds, middle school students, high schoolers, and even adults, and it has in every case fostered a generous, challenging, and enjoyable learning environment.

Above all else, KinderGuitar allows the beginning guitarist to play soon and well, all the while building a foundation for a more involved and mature musical understanding down the line. I’ve never encountered a pedagogical tool so well suited to both beginners and aspiring virtuosos, and I have yet to find a way of teaching guitar that speaks so plainly and capably to young children. Parents and would-be guitarists of all ages would do well to give KinderGuitar a chance.”

— Karl Evangelista, Licensed and Certified KinderGuitar Teacher

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