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Playing time should consist of a variety of activities. Depending on the amount of time spent playing each day or each week, young students and their parents should mutually agree to prepare for the upcoming lesson and to spend some time refining playing and improving skills. The positive correlation between increased […]

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KinderGuitar New Mexico’s Talented Teacher Rodney Burr

When Rodney Burr became one of our licensed teachers almost a decade ago, Albuquerque, NM was in for a treat. His dedication and talent at connecting with his students and mentoring them through their musical studies is exemplary. He has won awards from KinderGuitar for the best new KinderGuitar studio and for his dedication […]

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KinderGuitar’s 40th Student Concert

My KinderGuitar just held its 2019 winter concert. The concert happens to be the 40th student concert I’ve held for my young students. I’m so honored to work with so many wonderful students. Thanks to all the performers, parents, and fans for 20 years!

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The Gift of Great Students

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to teach so many talented, kind, energetic, and musically curious children. I’ve also been fortunate to see many of these children who come to me when they are 5 or 6 grow into young adults with a very sophisticated sense of music. I thought I would post a […]

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Quote to Ponder

The ‘magic number’ is the number of times you practice a spot after getting it exactly the way you want it. — Margaret Elson, Passionate Practice (Regent Press, 2002).

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