About Leo

Award-winning guitarist Leo Garcia is the founder of KinderGuitar. He has worked with hundreds of children and families for over 15 years, and also is an active performer who has performed across North America, South America, and Europe. His writings have appeared in the leading guitar journals. Leo grew up in Venezuela but left to pursue higher education in the U.S., eventually earning four degrees (in economics and in music) from Yale University and the New England Conservatory, before developing the KinderGuitar music education system. KinderGuitar now offers training and licensing to highly qualified educators to help them create successful and sustainable music-teaching studios in their communities.


Several weeks ago, I had a very talented student work on a difficult section of a piece she was preparing. We went through it slowly, broke it down into bite size pieces, sang it the way she wanted to play it, considered many, many fingerings for the left hand and right hand, kept at […]


KinderGuitar’s Little Froggie Songbook is almost here. Please stay tuned!

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Building Skill

Each song in the skill building curriculum is presented in our KinderGuitar code (in addition to standard notation) for two main reasons: to make it easy for musically illiterate parents to follow and for parent and children to see how music notation is deconstructed into rhythm and pitch. Each song also has all the […]

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Parental Involvement

Here is a question many parents probably ask themselves when they enroll their children in music lessons: How important is my involvement and how do I do it successfully? The younger the child, the more parental involvement is necessary. Learning to play a musical instrument is much like learning a language or even, perhaps, […]


Repeating musical phrases, groups of notes, entire songs is extremely valuable in developing precise skills on any instrument. I often use soccer analogies to convince students of the value of repetition: if you practice corner kicks, passes, penalty shots, etc., you become a better soccer player. The question for parents is, “whether convinced or […]

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KinderGuitar would like to introduce our new teacher, Karl Evangelista. Karl recently completed an extensive training course to become a licensed and certified KinderGuitar teacher and is beginning to form his studio in the East Bay area. If you have friends interested in having their children start KinderGuitar please see our Certified Teachers page […]

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I have been working on a challenging piece with my son and surprisingly, he is doing most of the working (there is a prize after this one). We spent most of our time working on the notes in the song arranged from low pitch to high pitch so that he would become acquainted with […]

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A wonderful and very young student recently performed for the first time in our winter concert. Before the concert we worked really hard to make everything feel easy. There were many moments of frustration and lack of focus but also many, many moments of great music-making that were fun. After having worked so hard […]


My children, 6 and 2, spend a good portion of their day playing music, hearing me practice, pounding at the piano, strumming the various stringed instruments (guitars, a few cuatros that I brought from Venezuela, odd instruments my older son occasionally makes with strings and chairs), shaking maracas (and in my two year old’s […]

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On Practice Time

Playing time should consist of a variety of activities. Depending on the amount of time spent playing each day or each week, young students and their parents should mutually agree to prepare for the upcoming lesson and to spend some time refining playing and improving skills. The positive correlation between increased time spent on […]