Internet, television, video games, sports, chores, and homework ferociously compete for your child’s music making time at home and, unfortunately, they often win. If we truly want our children to succeed in music, to enjoy the rewards of mastering a musical instrument, both indirect and direct, and to lead culturally rich lives, it helps to have practice rules or guidelines set at home. They do not need to be complex (and you can make them with your child’s collaboration). Here are a few rules to build your foundation:

– Approach guitar time with a positive attitude.
– Organize guitar time into three main categories: warm up and skill building,
polishing songs, and learning new songs.
– Play slow before playing fast. Remember that careful, slow practice is best to
eliminate mistakes.
– Work on small parts and build small parts into larger parts.
– One good repetition is not enough. Try five good ones in a row or 10 or 50!
– Focus on what you are trying to accomplish.

Good luck!