When Rodney Burr became one of our licensed teachers almost a decade ago, Albuquerque, NM was in for a treat. His dedication and talent at connecting with his students and mentoring them through their musical studies is exemplary. He has won awards from KinderGuitar for the best new KinderGuitar studio and for his dedication to teaching. A few weeks ago, he forwarded an email he received from one of his older students:

“To Teach is to Touch Lives Forever”

As I drove away from the guitar class today I could not help but believe I am the luckiest
senior lady in the State!
Your teaching workmanship as instructor I have never seen matched.  I have paid thousands of K to be taught throughout these years of mine.  Never have I felt so fortunate to have a teacher like yourself, Rodney.
Thank you for sharing your life so abundantly to so many of us who would like to play as you do.
Thank you for the honesty you provide about US so we can come to know ourselves better as
Thank you for being such a huge part of our desire to be creative in the things we long so well to
Thank you for your great source of patience you share with us all. You have a-ton-O-that and it is
    always present in every class.
So you see, even though I am mastering my guitar goals, I am learning something that transcends the JOY of playing.  I am learning how the Soul feels when there is regard for its function and its dreams to learn something so splendid it cannot be ignored.  Thank you, my dear teacher and friend, for showing me another side to teaching and learning I believe I will carry with me into eternity.
Your Student,
Joan E. Franklin